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In Flow


Bad Ragaz

Have you always felt that pull towards ancient cultures, towards the wisdom of our ancestors? How did they do what they did – without the modern devices and technology we enjoy today…?! The key our ancestors understood and used, was their energy. Your energy is far more than just a fuel. It carries information, has profound intelligence. This energy lands into your body as limitless possibility. In a highly integrated system, it flows with ease and you experience yourself as the creator of all aspects of your life. The goal of our IN FLOW workshops is to support the integration of your system, so that you can step into your creatorship.

energy medicine

your body holds all the answers

When we have pain, infections, inflammations or any sort of disease in our body, it is a clue about an imbalance in our energetic system. It’s a call for a greater integration. Our body serves as a gateway to all of our creation, not just to wonderful health. Energy medicine stimulates our own health-promoting mechanisms that restore the body’s state of well-being, which is natural. (It does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.)

monthly workshops

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During each workshop, you will learn about a particular part of your energetic system:
– where it is
– what it does for your body
– how to test whether it’s balanced, and if not – what kind of imbalance
– how to fix any imbalances
– how do its imbalances manifest in the body and emotions
– how it connects to your life circumstances on a larger scale
All Workshops are in English.


Dekan-Oesch-Strasse 2
7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland


Yearly Membership: 600 CHF (Free access to all workshops)
A taster Workshop: you can come for one workshop free of charge 

Workshops conducted by

Iveta Finn
Energy Mentor and Coach
Co-founder Finn Energy GmbH

Iveta Finn

Iveta Finn